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Spade Heart

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Play the classic hearts card game online for free! The rules of hearts is to have the lowest score until a player reaches a 100 points.

The beginning of each round, you select 3 cards to pass to the left player, then the two of clubs starts the game and must be played first.

Each heart is one point, but the queen of spades is 13 points, you want to make sure that none of these cards end up going to you.

A player takes the entire played cards if the player ends up putting down the highest card of the beginning suit's card.

If you do not have any card in that suit, then you are allowed to put down any card. However, if you do have a suit in the card that was played, you must put down a card in that suit.

You also cannot put a heart down as the first card unless someone has put a heart down in previous turns.

After all the cards are gone the points are added and you play until someone reaches a 100.

One more rule to the game of hearts is that if you have the Queen of Spades and all 13 heart cards then you get 0 points and everyone else gets 26 points!

So come checkout and test your strategy on this free online hearts game!

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