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Double Solitaire Rules

Double solitaire is played in a similar manner to standard solitaire, but the player faces off against an opponent. They take turns trying to fill their foundation piles with cards, with the first player to achieve this being declared the winner.


Each player has a deck of cards. Each deck should have a different design on the back.


Each player has seven piles of cards. The first "pile" actually consists of one face-up card. The second pile holds two cards, with the top one face up. This pattern continues up to the seventh pile, which has seven cards and the top one face up. The remaining 24 cards of each deck are face down.


The players take turns, trying to add onto their piles using their remaining cards. They shift cards around to form columns of alternating colors in sequential order or place the cards in one of eight foundation piles. A turn ends when a player cannot make another move or passes.

Card Progression

Foundation piles must start with an ace card and progress in sequential order following the same suit. Either player can place cards in any foundation pile.


If neither player can make a move, the winner is the player with the most cards in the foundation piles.

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