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How to Play One Handed Solitaire

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A. Johnson

This is an easy and fun variation on the classic solitaire game. Additionally, it's much easier than many solitaire games. Nearly anyone can play, from age five and up. Because it doesn't require a lot of space to play, it's a great way to pass time in the car, on the bus or on a plane. Be careful, though. Once you start, it's extremely hard to stop.

Hold the deck in your hand face down. Draw four cards from the back of the deck. Bring them face up to the top of the deck. Fan them out so you can see all four cards.

If the first and fourth card are the same suit, remove and discard the second and third cards. If the first and fourth card are the same number (or the same face card), remove and discard all four cards. If neither of these scenarios describes the hand, draw another card from the back.

Make sure you have at least four cards face up. For example, if you started off the game by eliminating the middle two cards, you now need to draw two more. If you were unable to eliminate any cards at the start, you want to draw one more and arrange the cards until you can only see the top four.

Continue play by drawing cards, eliminating cards as shown in step two. Draw more cards. Once you reach the end of the deck, the game is over.

If you have managed to discard all the cards in the pile, you win! In any case, shuffle the deck a few times and start over. This game can entertain for hours.


Studies have shown that shuffling the deck seven times will give you the maximum randomization of cards.


  • Like with most games that are highly addictive, it's important to take breaks and make sure you don't slouch over too much while playing.
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