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How to Play "Liverpool Rummy"

"Liverpool Rummy" is a delightful card game that is loads of fun for family and friends. Both children (age 10 and older) and adults can easily play this game. It can have as few as 3 players or as many as 8, though 4 players is optimal.

Explain the various hands of the game to participants. Cards in each hand will be divided into groups of three or more of the same kind--like three kings--or in a sequence of four or more cards of the same suit--like a 10, jack, queen and king of diamonds.

Begin by shuffling and dealing 7 cards to each player in the game, one card at a time. Place the remaining cards face down in one side of the card rack. This makes up the pickup pile. Turn the top card over and place it, face up, in the other half of the rack. This becomes the discard pile.

Have the person next to the dealer (on the left) draw the top card off of the pickup pile or choose to use the card that is face up in the discard pile. In the first hand, any player during his turn may lay down on the table one or two groups from his hand before he discards anytime during the game. He cannot, however, lay down more than two groups nor can he lay down any straights as they are not included in the first hand.

Proceed to the left with the next player also choosing to pick up the top card off the pickup pile or the cards that have been discarded. However, for each card taken from the discard pile, that player and each one following him must take a penalty card as well.

Continue the first rotation until one player is able to lay down two groups on the table and discard his final card. Once that happens, the first round of the game is over.

Continue playing the game in the same manner but substituting the hand requirement as outlined by the game rules for each individual hand. Hand two must contain no more than one group and one straight. Hand three must contain no more than two straights. Hand four must contain no more than three groups. Hand five must contain no more than two groups and one straight. Hand six must contain no more than two straights and one group. Hand seven must contain no more than three straights. In every hand except for the final one, there must also be a discard.

Use jokers to replace any card in either a group or a straight. Jokers already laid down on the table may be picked up if the player draws into the card which it originally represented. The joker can then be used again in any manner needed.

Count aces either as low card in a straight of one, two, three and four, or as high card in a straight of jack, queen, king, ace.

Calculate the score at the end of each hand. Players in that round caught with cards in their hands are charged with the value of each card they still hold. Number cards are valued at the number they represent. Aces count as 15 points, face cards count as 10 points and jokers count as 25 points.

Tabulate the scores of all seven rounds. The player with the lowest total score wins the game.

Things You'll Need:

  • 3 to 8 players
  • 2 to 3 decks of cards
  • Card rack
  • Pencil and paper


Laid down groups and sequences can be added to in subsequent hands in order to get rid of cards in the hand.


  • No substitutions other than those listed above can be used in the game.
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