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How to Practice at Cribbage: Play Cribbage Solitaire

Practice Makes Perfect!!!

Cribbage is a fun game because it makes you think and it's one of the best two-player card games around. However, if you don't have another person to play with, try a fun game of Cribbage Solitaire.

This game of solitaire will really help you practice your Cribbage hand making and counting.

15-2 15-4 15-6

Make a row - 4 cards up, 1 to your crib.

SHUFFLE YOUR CARDS – You can shuffle the cards up as much as you would like, and you can cut the deck.

Once you are ready, being playing Cribbage Solitaire.

DEAL FOUR CARDS, FACE UP – put one card face down to your crib.

Your Cribbage Solitaire Board at the end.

TURN UP THE NEXT CARD and see how it best works with the 4 cards that are face up.

FLIP the cards up, one at a time.

Make those cards match for a 15, or aim for a run or flush.

Repeat with the other three cards. Put another card in your crib.

Do this until you have four cards down in your four rows and four in your crib.

CUT YOUR DECK FOR YOUR STARTER CARD - then count those points.

Your goal is to reach 120 points after playing four times.

Things You'll Need:

  • Deck of cards
  • Cribbage board (optional)
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