How to Practice at Cribbage: Play Cribbage Solitaire

Practice Makes Perfect!!!

Recently I've started playing Cribbage again. Cribbage is a fun game, it makes you think and it's one of the best 2 player card games around.

My husband doesn't play with me as much as I would like to, so I've got a computer game to practice my skills - but also, there is a fun game of Cribbage Solitaire.

This game of solitaire will really help you practice your Cribbage hand making and counting.


15-2 15-4 15-6

Make a row - 4 cards up, 1 to your crib.


You can shuffle the cards up as much as you would like, and you can cut the deck.

Once you are ready, being playing CRIBBAGE SOLITAIRE.

DEAL 4 CARDS, face up - put 1 CARD face down to your crib.

Your Cribbage Solitaire Board at the end.

TURN UP THE NEXT CARD and see how it best works with the 4 cards that are face up.

FLIP the cards up, one at a time.

Make those cards match for a 15, or aim for a run or flush.

Repeat with the other 3 other cards. Put another card in your crib.

Do this until you have 4 cards down in your 4 rows and 4 in your crib.


Your goal is to reach 120 points after playing 4 times.

THIS WILL HELP YOU... Count your cribbage hands Look for a better hand in cribbage Gain confidence if you are playng with new people Practice

Practice makes perfect!!! Good luck!!!

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