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Rules for One Player Scrabble

While Scrabble is typically played with two or more players, it can be played by one person.
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Scrabble is a game in which players use lettered tiles to spell out words on a game board for points. This game of spelling and strategy is published by Hasbro. It is typically played by two or more players. The game can also be played solo. A one-player variation of the game is possible and it may help players improve Scrabble skills.

Set Up

One player Scrabble is set up and played similar to the multiplayer version. The board is emptied of letter tiles and the player draws out seven letters from a bag at random. The remaining tiles remain in the bag for future draws.


The player begins the game by constructing a word in the center of the board. One of the letters must be on the center square. The player adds the tile scores for the word and multiplies it by two, since the center square is a double word bonus. The player must then write down the score and then draw additional letters to bring the total letters up to seven again. Then the player forms another word that attaches to the original word. This process goes on until the end of the game, which is when all the tiles have been used or no more words can be constructed. The object is to beat your own high score.


If you want more of a challenge than going for high scores by using all the tiles, or if you want a shorter game, you may set a timer and see how many points you can score before time is up.

Online Scrabble

Scrabble is similar to Solitaire Scrabble, which is available to players for free online. Game sites such as The Man In Blue offer games such as SScrabble, which is a clone of Scrabble you can play using your mouse. This one player game keeps track of your high scores and let’s you know when you have achieved a new personal best on a word or a game.

The rules for the online game are the same as regular Scrabble. Click on the letter you wish to use and then click on the square where you want to place a tile. Click “submit word” when you are finished spelling it. The word must be in the computer’s internal dictionary to count.

Scrabble Blast on the website Grab.com is another single-player version of Scrabble that follows the same general rules as Solitaire Scrabble. There is a free online version as well as a downloadable full version available. For players who wish to play a live opponent but have no one to play with, there is a classic Scrabble game online through the BonusWords website that links up single players in online games.

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