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How to Write a Thank You Note for Choir Service

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Music performances have the power to enhance the experience of a formal event. Whether you hire a concert band, small chamber ensemble, or choir to provide music, the individuals deserve gratitude for their time and effort. Sending a formal “thank you” letter allows you to communicate personal gratitude to the individual members of the musical organization.

Open the letter with a formal introduction to the director of the choir. In the article “How to Write the Perfect ‘Thank You’ Letter,” Alice Feathers suggests using the “conventional ‘Dear’ plus ‘Mr.’ or ‘Ms.’ followed by the first name and/or surname followed by a colon.” Address the letter to the choir members as well to add a sense of inclusion.

Begin the body of the letter with the official “thank you.” State the exact details of the event in which the choir provided service. Express your appreciation for and the significance of the choir’s contribution to your event.

Include compliments from others in attendance. If other high-ranking individuals expressed appreciation for the choir’s contribution, in your letter share these compliments with the director.

Briefly summarize the purpose of your event and the importance of the choir’s role in your event’s success. Most directors frame letters of gratitude for members to read at a later date.

Close the body of the letter with another statement of thankfulness. If you are so inclined, extend an invitation for participation in future events.

Type the word “Sincerely” on the right side of the body. Leave space for your signature, and type your name under the word “Sincerely.”


Maintain a positive and pleasing tone throughout the letter. Send the letter in a timely fashion--within two days after the event.

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