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How to Put Together a Pageant Portfolio

Put Together a Pageant Portfolio
Illustrations by Andrew DeWitt

Putting together a pageant portfolio is something on which you should spend a great deal of time. Having a good portfolio can set you apart at a pageant. However, having a poor or lackluster portfolio can ruin your chances, even if you might otherwise have a good chance at winning the pageant. Think of this portfolio as a calling card that tells everyone about your personality and why it is a winning one. Many pageants require the submission of a portfolio to enter and you will be pre-screened for the pageant based on this portfolio. In addition, some pageants offer a portfolio submission as a way of winning additional points in a pageant.

Put Together a Pageant Portfolio
Illustrations by Andrew DeWitt

Things You'll Need:

  • Professional Portfolio Kit
  • Accessories
  • Photographer
  • 12 Different Outfits

Pick out at least twelve different outfits. Each of these should be unique and show off part of your personality. Schedule a photo shoot and bring accessories or slight wardrobe changes for each outfit.

Purchase a photography portfolio large enough to hold your 8 by 10 inch photos. You can find these at any photography or art store. Avoid a portfolio that is too decorative as it can be distracting; consider matte black. Clearly label the front of your portfolio with your full name and contact information. Place a label on the inside with all your contact information as well as your personal statistics. These should include body measurements such as height, weight, dress size, shoe size, bust size and glove size. Include your hair and eye color as well as your age.

Place your best picture as the first photograph in the portfolio and your most memorable photograph at the end. Create a separate section for a 150 to 200 word biography that covers your accomplishments. Include photographs of you at pageants, volunteering or doing your favorite hobbies. Include a small one sentence caption for each picture. Place this directly below the pictures.

Create multiple copies of your pageant portfolio. You should have one on hand, one to give to the judges if they ask and one that is ready to be mailed to events that require the submission of a portfolio. To make this easier, get multiple copies of your photographs and and have these filed away in the order that you present them in your portfolio, along with your biography and personal information so that you can quickly assemble more if need be.


When planning outfits, if you are doing a photo shoot for beach wear, for example, bring the outfit plus three different pairs of sunglasses, earrings and sandals. Also consider bringing a beach ball, blanket or beach bag so that you have something to have fun and play with in the shoot.

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