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How to Make a Scouting Shadowbox

Save important Scouting items to include in your shadow box.
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Many hours and hard work go into earning the badges, medals and honors that go along with being a Scout. Rather than place these mementos inside a drawer or box, you can make a shadowbox to create an organized and visually appealing showcase for the memories. Include as many items as you can to tell the story of your Scout from his first years as a Cub Scout to his last year of participation.

Gather the scouting awards, medals, pins and belt buckles you want to preserve. Choose the most meaningful items, because many scouts obtain so many of these items it would be difficult to display them all.

Make a list of each item, when the scout earned the item, with a brief description. Tape this to the back of the shadow box to look at and reminisce about in the future.

Choose the size of shadow box according to the number of items you want to include. You can find various shadow box sizes from eight-inch by eight-inch to large 16-inch by 20-inch boxes at craft stores and frame shops.

Ensure the shadow box consists of quality materials worthy of your display pieces. Choose one with UV protective glass and a sturdy background made of suede or an acid-free mat.

Remove the backboard and place it on a flat work surface.

Arrange the items according to size and similarity and attach them with pushpins or double-sided tape to the backboard. For instance, place the belt buckles in a row along the bottom of the shadow box, pin a folded scout shirt and necktie down the center of the backboard, attach the sash with badges to the shirt, and pin the tie with the various merit pins and emblems. Fold the kerchief and place that across the top portion inside the box.

Place a Boy Scout’s pinewood derby car along the bottom edge of the box so it either sits upright or you can use pins to secure it wheels down on the backboard, so that the only the roof of the car is readily visible.

Insert the scouting handbook. Place it in the corner of the shadow box if possible or next to the scout shirt.

Things You'll Need:

  • Scouting award items
  • Shadow box
  • Paper and pen
  • Tape
  • Pushpins
  • Double-sided tape


If you have a large number of items you want to display, you can create a collage where you can overlap some items, while including every memory.

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