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How to Submit Your Picture to a Tattoo Magazine

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Tattoo magazines publish photos of artists' work from their portfolios, pictures and interviews of tattoo collectors, and articles about shops and conventions around the world. Submitting a photo of your tattoo work to a publication can lead to wider exposure for your talents and new material for your portfolio. For tattoo collectors, this allows the collector to show their tattoos and explain to the world the meaning behind them.

Things You'll Need:

  • Internet Service
  • Envelope
  • Computer
  • Photo

Determine which publication suits your tattoo style. Magazines such as Tattoo Flash publish photos of tattoos that are not custom work, but more flash. Publications such as Savage magazine focus more on extreme work, such as facial tattoos and other types of body modification.

Read the submission guidelines inside the front cover of the magazine or on the magazine's official website. Note the specifics that the magazine calls for when submitting photos. Some magazines allow only certain sizes of print photos, such as a 4 by 6, while others will only accept photos on a CD that are a specific size and number of pixels.

Fill out a card with your name and contact information. Write the names of the photographer and the tattoo artist on the card, for the magazine will need to credit them. If you are a tattoo artist submitting your own work, include a business card from your shop.

Place the card and the photo in an envelope. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope if you would like to receive your materials back. Address the envelope to the publication and take the envelope to the post office.


Most tattoo magazines only accept submissions via postal mail. Email a publisher about the possibility of sending your photos in electronically, but be prepared to send print photos through postal mail.

Go to a tattoo convention. Tattoo magazines participate in tattoo conventions and professionally photograph tattoo collectors and tattoo artists to feature in their publication.

If your photo is accepted, it may not be published for up to six months to a year.


  • Follow exact directions from each publication to ensure review or possible acceptance of your photo.
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