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How to Make an Art Portfolio for Disney

Disney requires a diverse range of samples in applicants' portfolios.
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The Disney company is one of the leading creators of animated films in the United States. Working with Disney as an animator is a prestigious job for a cartoon artist, and many artists submit their portfolios to the studio every year. To submit a portfolio of your work to Disney, you'll need to show samples of sketches and unfinished work as well as completed drawings or animations. Disney requires different materials from each type of artist.

Things You'll Need:

  • Sketch Samples
  • Finished Artwork Samples
  • Sample Reel

Put material in your portfolio that reflects the job you want. Disney has different portfolio requirements for various types of artist. If you are applying as a Story and Visual Development artist, you must submit sketches as well as final projects showcasing your animation skill. Look Development applicants must submit texture paints and maps to show they can develop 3-D backgrounds.

Include work containing a variety of physical movements and action, including facial expressions, in your animation submissions.

Do not add any work to your portfolio that is currently in production or under a confidential agreement with another company. Disney will accept an note with your portfolio stating the you will submit these materials when they become available to the public.

Submit a breakdown list if you are including a reel with your portfolio. This list should explain what parts of the reel you were responsible for and what software or medium was used.

Send copies of your work only. Disney states on its website that it will not return originals.


Label your work neatly and organize your portfolio in a logical way.

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