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How to Mail Photos With Care

Mail Photos With Care
Billy Alexander

There are so many options today for transferring pictures from camera to destination without them even existing in the physical world. What about pictures that were taken before the time of digital photos, though? They are priceless treasures that deserve to be preserved for many more years to come. If the technology is not available to you to scan those photos and send them in for duplication and touch-ups, snail mail may be the only option. That is but one reason you might need to know how to carefully package a photo for snail mail delivery.

Mail Photos With Care
Billy Alexander

Things You'll Need:

  • Cardboard
  • Tape
  • Photo Mailer

Learn the technique. The technique is simple but so valuable. All you need is two pieces of thick cardboard, tape and a photo mailer.

Protect from bending. Make sure the pieces of cardboard stretch at least an inch past the edge of the picture. Then place the picture between the two pieces of cardboard.

Secure with tape. Squeeze it all together and tape it all securely together. Then put it in a photo mailer obtained at the post office.

There may not be many occasions you will find yourself in need of sending pictures via snail mail, but when you do, it is likely those pictures are some of the most important in your collection. Extra care needs to be taken in packaging, but you might also look into getting those gems scanned into your computer so you can email them where they need to go and preserve them long after the fragile paper wears away.


With digital photos, you can upload the files to a local store and family can pick up the prints.

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