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How to Decoupage a Photograph Without the Picture Fading

Use high-quality paper to prevent fading.
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Decoupaging photos lets you create memorable art pieces, but you want to make sure your memorabilia withstands the test of time. Choosing the right paper, decoupage paste and sealer are important for preventing your photos from fading. You can decoupage the pictures onto wood, tile, canvas or acrylic.

Things You'll Need:

  • Foam Paintbrush
  • Decoupage Paste In Gloss Finish
  • Acrylic Sealant Spray
  • Photograph

Print your pictures on high-quality glossy paper. If you use computer paper, your pictures will wrinkle and fade.

Apply a thin coat of decoupage paste to the back of the photo. Press the picture on to the item you are decoupaging. Smooth any bubbles or wrinkles out with a clean finger.

Allow the paste to dry for 15 to 20 minutes. Apply a thin coat of the decoupage paste over the picture, making sure to overlap all the picture edges. Allow the first coat to dry for 15 to 20 minutes.

Apply a second coat of decoupage paste; allow the paste to dry completely.

Spray the piece with a coat of acrylic sealer in a well-ventilated area. Allow the sealer to dry before moving the piece.


Apply extra coats of acrylic sealer if the piece will be handled frequently.


  • Don't place your decoupaged photos in places with a lot of direct sunlight, which will fade photos whether or not they are protected with sealer.
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