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About Picture Collages

About Picture Collages

Pictures are used to capture a moment, show a memory and save things of the past for the future to see. When one picture just is not enough to display something people can rely on slideshows, scrapbooks, or picture collages to show that message. There are a variety of collages that people create and every collage represents a group of pictures that have special meaning to someone or a lot of people and could actually make somebody money.


Photo collages are used for a variety of reasons, but the basic concept is a collection of photos put together to create a meaningful whole for something. The purpose of the collages can be to showcase an event, family, friends, or designed specifically to showcase something larger like a whale-shaped collage of pictures of the ocean.


There are different types of picture collages. One of the most basic ways to create a picture collage is by hand. This involves a colored backboard or poster board, cut and cropped photos, and a lot of tape or glue. The photos are all designed together in a random sort of pattern, usually with the photos all touching and overlapping each other. Collages can also be created in programs like Adobe Photoshop. A new file is created and photos are cut, warped and pasted into a blank slate, where it is a lot easier to maneuver and adjust pictures. The final product is then sent through a photo-service website or printed off of the home computer for displaying.


Regular photos are usually printed in 4x6, but because of the nature of collages these can be much larger. The larger size is used to fit more pictures, and averages range from 8x10 photos to full-sized poster collages. Huge collages are used at sports arenas, on billboards, and at schools as well as other public places. They can be used to show an advertisement, group or team, or display a message for viewers.


Collages have the potential to make a lot of money if they are created professionally. For example, you made find photo collages of sport's stars selling at stores on normal sized posters. Nature collages are also popular, but a popular collage style that has caught on are the "Picture Within a Picture" posters. These posters are made by taking hundreds of small pictures and arranging them so that when you stand far away, a big picture is formed. This has been seen done to images like Mickey Mouse and Homer Simpson.


When creating a picture collage, there are many things to consider. What type of theme are you going for? Who is the audience for this collage? What do you want to achieve when creating this collage? Some other things to consider when creating a collage are shape, color, size, and the way the collage is created. A picture collage created using a digital editing program will make the final product look more professional. Check out photo-printing websites for easy to use collage makers. With these "Photo Wizards," you just have to simply select the photos that you want to be in the collage and the websites will help you with the rest.

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