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Farewell Scrapbook Page Idea

Scrapbooks help people hold onto memories.
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You can say goodbye in a meaningful way by constructing a farewell scrapbook loaded with memory keepsakes, pictures and other trinkets that express how much you'll miss the person leaving. Create pages that feature the recipient's favorite colors, flowers and other embellishments. Write a farewell letter, decorate the border and include this on the first page of the scrapbook.

Flower Themed Pages

Flowers make decorative farewell scrapbook pages and many types of flowers hold special meaning for certain people. Choose silk, pressed or paper flowers that suit the recipient's tastes. Decorate a page with two pictures in the center, quotes and red silk rose petals around the border. Spray pink and white paper daisies with spray-on glue and sprinkle glitter on top to create a daisy background for another page. Include any type of photo or several photos on floral-themed pages. You can also spell the words "Goodbye" with tiny flowers on a page.

Miss You Messages

Use decorative pens or stickers to spell "miss you" messages on the tops, bottoms and sides of certain pages throughout the book. You can say "Miss You" directly or find other creative ways to say that you miss someone such as "Always Thinking of You," "Can't Wait to See You Again" and "Always Remembering You." Say "I miss you" in other languages and decorate these pages with keepsakes.

Farewell Images

Create a few pages in your scrapbook that showcase farewell images or embellishments such as a ship sailing off to sea or birds flying away. Find cardstock that showcases these images or include cut out or sticker images in the corner of the page or on top. Feature pictures of you and your friend or family member hugging on the page as well.

Good luck Symbols

People often leave their family and friends when they seek out a new adventure, move or travel somewhere for a specific purpose. Include a good luck page or two in your farewell scrapbook. Feature pictures of the person leaving along with a note wishing them well and good luck symbols such as a four leaf clover, picture of a rabbit foot or other objects that they might associate with good luck. Feature these around the border of photos or the page itself.

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