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How to Make Your Own Christian Bookmarks

Many people find the words of the Bible so inspiring that they want to be reminded of them in their daily lives. One way to keep your faith close at hand is to create your own Christian bookmarks. You can make bookmarks of vellum (a heavier stock than regular paper), thin cardboard or paper that you can laminate to give it permanence. When you make your own bookmark, you choose the words and design. Start with a meaningful Bible passage and an emblem.

Things You'll Need:

  • Paper, Vellum Or White Cardboard
  • Tassel Or Braid
  • Decals Or Stickers (Optional)
  • Bible Verse
  • Self-Adhesive Laminating Paper (Optional)
  • Colored Pencils Or Markers

Think about what you want to include before you begin. Bookmarks are narrow by design. Choose a Bible verse accordingly. Consider adding religious symbols such as a dove, cross or fish.

Cut a 2-by-6 inch rectangle out of paper, vellum or cardboard. If you’ve chosen a long Bible passage, make the bookmark 3-by-6 inches. Round the corners or leave them square.

Neatly write out the Bible passage on your bookmark in pencil at first before you trace over it in ink, or write it in ink if you’re confident it will fit. You can type the words if you’d rather, making the font small enough to fit on the bookmark. Add the chapter and verse at the end.

Lightly color in the background. Add stickers or clip art of Biblical symbols you’ve chosen, or draw them in.

Seal and protect your paper bookmark with a self-adhesive laminating sheet, or have it done at a place that does professional laminating. Vellum or cardboard bookmarks might be strong enough without laminating.

Use a hole punch to make a hole at the top. Attach a braided tassel.


Be original by making your bookmark in the shape of a cross. One side can hold the Bible chapter and verse while the other side contains the text. If your Bible verse is lengthy, put it on the front. Use the back of the bookmark for symbols such as praying hands.

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