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Craft Ideas for Jesus Blesses the Children

Jesus' love of children is a common lesson in Christian teachings.
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The text of Mark 10:13 through 16 is important for children raised in the Christian faith to hear and understand, in which Jesus blesses even the smallest child. Children should be loved by adults because of their devotion to the creator and wide-eyed innocence. Crafts are an effective way to engage children in a creative manner while teaching them one of the most important of Jesus' messages.

Paper Crowns

Pretending to be a prince or princess is a fantasy game often played by children. Use this idea to bring a Christian message to playtime. Draw crowns on yellow or gray construction paper to represent gold and silver. Cut them out before the activity begins so you are handling the sharp scissors. Have the children write "Jesus loves me" or "I am a princess in his eyes" on the back of the crown. Help the children draw jewels around the front of the crown. Fasten the crowns on children's heads with tape.

Love Hearts

Using hearts to physically show how much Jesus loves children is a good means of using a modern, recognizable symbol for children to better understand what God's son was teaching. Have each child cut two hearts -- or cut them yourself if they are too young -- out of pink or red construction paper. Have them write "Jesus loves me this much" on the front of both hearts. Attach the back of each heart to a stick with glue. Have the children hold one in each hand and stretch out their arms, saying, "Jesus loves and blesses me this much."


Print out simple mazes for each child, according to their ages and the difficulty of the maze. Write "Jesus" in a heart at the end of each maze. Have the children slowly complete the maze with a marker, helping them if need be. Decorate the edges of the mazes with glitter, ribbons or other embellishments. Punch a small hole in the top of the paper so the craft can be hung. Tell the kids that if you search for Jesus, he will bless you.

Love Collage

Teach older children about how Jesus loves and blesses every child by creating a collage. Have them cut out large, heart-shaped pieces of paper. Present them with magazines and tell them to cut out pictures of children of all ages and nationalities. Glue them onto the heart-shaped paper. Tell the children that God loves and blesses all children, no matter where they live around the world.

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