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Hail Mary Prayer Crafts for Kids

Kids can learn the
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The “Hail Mary” is one of the most significant prayers for Roman Catholics. It is important for Catholic children to know this prayer by heart, and one way to teach them is through crafts and activities. This encourages them to learn this special prayer faster, and it also encourages them to value prayer as an essential part of everyday life. Crafts and activities will make learning effortless and enjoyable.

Make Your Own Holy Rosary

Kids can make their own holy rosary.
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Pre-cut 3-inch craft cords for all the children who are participating in the activity. The best cord to use is waxed polyester thread, available in craft stores. Have the students tie a knot in one end of the cord and string 10 beads on the cord. These beads are for the “Hail Mary” prayers; they can be wooden or plastic beads of any color. Have them tie a knot after the 10th bead to hold the beads in place. They'll tie another knot a quarter inch from the last knot and string one bead for the “Our Father” prayer.

They continue this process until they have five sets of 10 “Hail Mary” beads and one “Our Father” bead. Close the rosary by tying the ends together with a knot.

Use the remaining cord to string three beads for the “Hail Mary” prayers and one bead for the “Our Father” prayer. Tie a small crucifix at the end of the cord to finish the rosary.

Hail Mary Coloring Page

Kids enjoy coloring books, and incorporating the “Hail Mary” prayer in a coloring page will definitely spark their interest. Christiancoloring.com has a coloring page with a picture of the Virgin Mary, along with the compete verses of the “Hail Mary” prayer. Kids can read the prayer while using their creativity in coloring the picture.

Hail Mary Put-It-In-Order Cards

Making cards with verses of the “Hail Mary” prayer printed on them can make for an educational game for kids. Thatresourcesite.com provides free printable prayer card templates that you can print and laminate. These cards have verses of the “Hail Mary” prayer printed on them. A good game to play with kids is to shuffle these cards and place them on a table face down. Have the kids turn over each card and assemble the cards in the order of the prayer. You can also let kids make their own prayer cards by giving them card stock to cut into cards. Let them print verses of the prayer on the cards, using colored markers.

Hail Mary Prayer Book Craft

This prayer book will make prayer time enjoyable for the kids. Trace their hand four times on white card paper. Cut out the four hand templates, align them together and punch a hole on the left side. Tie a ribbon through the hole. The prayer book now looks like hands that are praying. Have the children write the “Hail Mary” prayer on the inside pages of the prayer book. Let them be creative in drawing images of the Virgin Mary on the pages. Give each child a set of happy-face stickers, and tell them to stick one on their books every time their prayers are answered.

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