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How to Make a Poster Like a Newspaper for Kids

Kids learn about laying out clear writing with a newspaper project.
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Newspapers are still significant in the lives of children today. To teach children the importance of journalism and the history of the newspaper, create a newspaper activity for kids with poster board. According to Scholastic News, in 1704 the "Boston News-Letter" was the first newspaper in the original 13 American colonies. Children of all ages would benefit from making their own newspaper with poster board. It teaches reading and writing and the importance of journalism.

Things You'll Need:

  • Scissors
  • Digital Camera
  • 22-By 28-Inch White Poster Board
  • Black Marker
  • Pencil
  • Printer
  • Stick Glue
  • Printer Paper
  • Paper
  • Computer

Turn the standard 22-by 28-inch white poster board vertically on your work table. The poster board needs to be vertical to look like a real newspaper.

Write the name of your newspaper at the top center of the poster board with black marker. Use bold lettering and consider the name you use. It should represent your community and your point of view. For example, if it is a classroom newspaper, "Room 202 Times" for a paper about your classroom.

Write "Volume 1, Number 1" and add the date for the newspaper. Draw a bold line underneath this information.

Draft different articles for the newspaper. If you have many children participating, assign each child or small group to report on a news story. Divide the stories into local news, arts and sports stories. Have the children write their stories on paper and pencil.

Instruct the children to take a digital photograph with their news story. For example, if a child or group is writing about the school's latest soccer victory, a photograph of the school's team would be appropriate.

Upload the photographs into a computer. Enter the news stories into the computer's word-processing software. Choose a headline story, such as the school's soccer victory. Print out two photographs about the story, such as the team photo and the winning goal. They need to be 3-by-5-inches in size. Print them out on the computer's printer using regular paper. Cut the photographs with scissors if needed.

Print out a headlining title for that story, such as "The Jaguars Win Five Games in a Row!," from your word-processing software. It should be printed so it fits 2 inches wide and approximately 20 inches across. Paste it underneath the thick black line underneath the title with a glue stick.

Paste the two pictures underneath the headline, side by side. Print out the accompanying article so that it is 15 inches across with columns approximately 5 inches across. Paste it underneath the pictures.

Print out other articles into columns that are 5 inches across and print out photographs for them that are 3-by-5-inches. Lay the articles out evenly spaced over the poster board and the photographs with each article. Instruct the students to determine the proper layout. Paste the articles and photographs down on the poster.


Younger children should draw and write directly on the poster board.

Older children can create a logo for the paper and print out from the computer.

Use more than one poster board if you have many pages.

Be sure the newspaper looks clear and easy to read.


  • Adult supervision is needed for this project. Choose stories that are appropriate for the age group.
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