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How to Find School Pictures

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Pictures often bring us back to a time of treasured moments with friends, laughter, sharing, and even embarrassing moments spent during our school years. As the years go on, however, photos get lost, leaving many people wondering if there is a way to find copies or originals of their school pictures. If you are looking for school pictures, there are resources available in order to help you find your treasured mementos, no matter how long ago or how recent the school photographs may be.

Contact the school or schools directly to determine if you can order or view school pictures. Note that some schools may have yearbooks available to view while other schools may be able to provide you with information on where to order school pictures.

Go online to the Old-Yearbooks website (old-yearbooks.com). Select the state, then proceed to the next page. Browse the schools listed in the state with yearbooks and pictures available. Be aware that though the site is constantly updating, its stock of available yearbook pictures is limited.

Go online to the E-Yearbook website (e-yearbook.com). Click on the "Register Now" icon located in at the top of the home page, then proceed to the next page. As of May 2010, E-Yearbook charged a monthly fee of $4.95 or yearly fee $29.95. Fill out the appropriate information, then click the "Go to Step 2" tab to proceed to the following page. Enter your payment information on the following page, then click "Submit" to confirm your order. You will now be able to search for school photos and yearbooks.

Go online to Classmates.com. Complete the registration process, then browse through the message boards, member lists, and photo albums. Note that Classmates.com is free to join, but a membership fee of $59 for two years, $39 for one year, or $15 for three months is required in order to contact other members. Consider contacting old classmates that may not be on the Classmates site, as well.

Contact the local historical society in the town or city in which the school is located. Note that educational institutions and alumni often donate old pictures to the historical societies. Inquire if the photos you are looking for are currently available.


Note that the E-Yearbook site will allow you to browse the current yearbooks available on the website, but you will have to confirm your membership and payment before viewing any pictures.

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