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How to Get Autographs From WWE Superstars

WWE Monday Night Raw
Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Collecting autographs of WWE superstars can serve as treasured keepsakes or potential investments. With the continued popularity of professional wrestling, some stars of the squared circle are becoming mainstream celebrities. Obtaining a WWE superstar’s signature doesn't mean you have to hang out for hours before or after a wrestling event, although that is one of a few options.

Contact the professional wrestler whose autograph you want through World Wrestling Entertainment, and simply ask for one. WWE provides both an email and physical address to request an autograph through its website, WWE.com. Because of the volume of requests that go to WWE, do not send any personal items to be signed.

Look for sports memorabilia or autograph shows that tour the country. Often a WWE superstar will be among the sports celebrities scheduled to appear. However, the show promoters usually require a cover charge and sometimes the individual athletes will also request a fee for autographs. There also may be restrictions on what, if any, personal items the superstar will sign at these shows.

When a WWE show comes to your town, go to the arena whether you have tickets to the event. Often wrestlers will sign for fans before or after the matches near the performers' entrance. This is often a popular place to meet superstars and collect autographs, so the competition here will most likely be high.

Go to the wrestlers' preferred hotel. WWE superstars tend to stay in the same hotels when passing through town, usually one close to the arena where the show will be taking place. If you have time to wait, you may catch a wrestler walking through the lobby and ask for an autograph.

Thirteeen-time world champion Triple H
Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Stop by the airport the night before or morning of a wrestling show to see if you snare an autograph from a wrestler coming into town for the show. However, because of security restrictions and the uncertainty of arrival times, this should only be a last resort or an option if you have to be at the airport yourself around the time of a WWE show.


Always act with respect and class when asking for an autograph. WWE superstars have busy schedules, and if you see one outside of an official event, he or she may be having personal time with family or friends. WWE superstars are happy to accommodate fans, but they are people too and are entitled to free time and privacy.

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