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How to Nominate Someone for TLC's "What Not to Wear"

Nominate Someone for TLC's "What Not to Wear"

The extremely popular TLC network show, "What Not to Wear," is looking for nominations of people you might know who are fashion disasters. You can secretly nominate a female friend or relative by following a few simple steps. If your nominee wins, she will receive a $5,000 credit card for shopping and a complete style makeover.

Check the "What Not to Wear" website for the most up-to-date details about casting for the show, including visits to major U.S. cities during the casting call process. During the next couple of months, the show is schedule to be casting in person in cities that include Miami, Norfolk, Austin, New Orleans, Charleston and Phoenix, so check the website for the latest casting call information.

Nominate someone via the website, especially if you can't make the in-person casting calls. Go to the TLC website and look for the link to "What Not to Wear." Once you're on the show website, look for the link to casting. Two recent photos of the person, her name, age, location, clothing size, and marital status, to sbove@bbcnyproduction.com. Also include in your email some information that describes your nominee's wardrobe.

Be sure to let the producers know if your nominee falls into any of these categories: showgirl, female firefighter, cowgirl, female construction worker, bridesmaid, exotic dancer, recent weight loss, biker babe, pop star look-alike, supermodel wannabe, sorority sister, newly divorced, stuck in the '70s. The show is looking for nominees who fit these categories for the next season of WNTW.

Submit your nomination as quickly as possible, since these reality show casting calls often run on a strict timetable. But remember that even if your nominee is not chosen this time around, you can try again at a later date.


Be creative. Producers of reality shows like "What Not to Wear" are often flooded with applications, so make yours stand out from the crowd.

Choose a friend you believe would be a good sport about having her wardrobe and style critiqued on national television by the show's hosts, Stacy London and Clinton Kelly.

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