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How to Write a Wedding Invitation for a Double Wedding

It seems to be almost impossible to purchase a wedding invitation for a double wedding and more times than not you will have to make your own. When you write a wedding invitation for a double wedding ceremony, it is important to remember proper etiquette. What should be written will depend on whom is marrying during the ceremony and their relationship.

Things You'll Need:

  • Thin, Black Felt Tip Markers
  • Blank Wedding Invitation Stationary

Write the invitation explanation at the top. For example, Parent’s invite you to join them at a double wedding ceremony for their daughters. If the wedding ceremony is for a son and daughter, then you would say something like, Parent’s invite you to join them at the double wedding ceremony of their children. When two friends are being married in a double ceremony, the oldest girl’s parent’s would be listed first and the younger girl’s parent’s second.

List the oldest daughter and her groom first and the youngest daughter and her groom second. In the case of brother and sister, the sister’s name and her groom would go first. If two friends are sharing the ceremony, list the oldest girl and her groom before the younger girl and her groom.

Include the date, time and location of the double wedding ceremony and the reception below the names. You may also want to include separate R.S.V.P. information for each bride.

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