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How to Cite the Movie the Lion King

"The Lion King" is a Disney animated movie released in 1994 starring James Earl Jones, Jonathan Taylor Thomas and other notable actors. When you write an essay for high school or college, you must use citations, also known as a bibliography. Referencing "The Lion King" substantiates any information you use when you write a research paper. When you cite the movie "The Lion King”, it must be cited properly and in the correct format.

Type the name of the animated film in italics. The italicized text is followed by a punctuation mark such as a period and then two spaces. Capitalize the entire film title, e.g. "The Lion King" instead of "the Lion King."

Cite the directors of "The Lion King." Abbreviate the director as "Dir." such as "Dir. Rob Minkoff" and "Dir. Roger Allers."

Cite the performers in the film. Cite performer as "Perf." Cite a few actors, such as Jeremy Irons, James Earl Jones and Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

Cite the film distributor and the release date of "The Lion King." Place a comma after the film distributor name and then place the release date behind the comma, e.g. "Walt Disney Pictures, 1994."

Cite the type of media for the "The Lion King", e.g. a DVD or a video cassette.

Check your citation for "The Lion King" for accuracy. Ensure that the film title is in italics:

The Lion King. Dir. Rob Minkoff, Roger Allers. Perf. James Earl Jones, Jeremy Irons, Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Walt Disney Pictures, 1994. DVD.

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