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How to Use the Playstation Controller for a DVD

The beauty part of the PlayStation 2 systems is the ability to play your DVD movies in addition to your video games. This game system reads your DVD movie discs just like any other regular DVD player while still offering many similar functions. If you don’t have a remote control for your PlayStation 2 system, don’t panic, you can use your game playing controller to play, pause and stop your DVD movies just like any other remote

Things You'll Need:

  • Dvd
  • Playstation 2

Place your DVD movie into the your PlayStation's deck, then turn it on. Wait for the DVD to load and begin playing automatically.

Press the left, right and up and down navigation on the left of your controller to select "Play Movie" on your DVD menu. Press "X" to begin playing.

Press the "R1" button on the right of your controller to skip to the next chapter as your movie is playing. Press the "L1" button to go back to a previous chapter.

Press and hold the "R2" button right below the "R1" button to fast-forward your video. Press and hold the "L2" button located below the "R2" button to rewind your video clip.

Press "Start" to pause your clip. To resume play, press "X." Press "O" to stop playing completely. Press the "Select" button to access the options menu.

Press the left, right, up or down navigation buttons to select options such as forward, angle, and DVD menu. Press "X" to load or open your selected function.

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