How to Make a Reversible Shirt

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Things You'll Need

  • Fabric
  • Pullover shirt pattern
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Needle and thread
  • Optional ribbing for neckline
  • Iron and ironing board

When one thinks of a reversible garment, quick change artists often come to mind. However, reversible shirts are quite useful, especially for travelers who prefer to "travel light." Reversible shirts are useful for the entire family. A collection of just three or four reversible shirts for each family member can serve all of you for an entire week, leaving the extra suitcase space for souvenirs. Reversible shirts can have long sleeves, short sleeves or none at all. They can be heavy or light, and can be made from any fabric that is suitable for a shirt or blouse.

Cut two shirts according to pattern directions.

Sew the shoulder seams of both shirts.

If you are working with a pattern with a back seam, close the back seam now.

Attach the sleeves to each shirt using the flat construction method.

Leave the side seams open.

Attach the two shirts at the neckline, sewing one neckline hem to the other. If working with knit fabric, attach the optional ribbing before sewing the two shirts together at the neckline.

Turn the shirts so that the right sides are inside, facing each other.

Close the side seams.

Press the sleeves with the hems turned in.

Topstitch the sleeve hems together.

Press the shoulder, center back and side seams open.

Press the sleeve and neckline hems.

Turn the shirts inside out, right sides facing each other.

Pin the seams together at the bottom and sew the bottom hem, leaving approximately nine inches open.

Turn the shirt through the opening and close the opening by hand.


Topstitch the bottom and neckline hems as desired.


  • Any neckline will work with this pattern. However, crew necks or boat necklines work best. When selecting a shirt pattern to make a reversible shirt for the first time, use one that is simple with the minimum number of pattern pieces.