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How to Knit the Window Pane Stitch

A window pane stitch is an easy pattern that adds a soft, subtle texture to knitted garments. The basic pattern consists of only six rows and is simple enough for beginning knitters. Knit this pattern in a solid or variegated color for a more muted effect, or use a contrasting color yarn, such as black, for the slipped stitches and sixth row of the pattern to frame each windowpane for a more geometric effect. Use larger windowpanes for large garments such as sweaters, and smaller panes for gloves, hats, socks or scarves.

Things You'll Need:

  • Knitting Needles
  • Yarn

Knit four, slip one stitch. Repeat this across the row for row one of the pattern. This is the right side of the pattern.

Purl this row and row four. This is the wrong side of the pattern.

Repeat row one for rows three and five.

Knit four, purl one. Repeat this across the row. This is the last row of the basic pattern. Repeat the pattern as often as needed for your garment. For larger window panes, knit more stitches between the slipped stitches and repeat rows one and two several more times before knitting the last row in the pattern.

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