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How to Adjust the Tension of a Brother CS-6000i Sewing Machine

The Brother CS-6000i sewing machine is a computerized machine with 60 different stitches, a Quick-Set bobbin and a 1-step button hole with 7 different styles, according to the Brother website. It even features an LCD screen for stitch selection. Like other Brother sewing machines, the bobbin’s tension is already adjusted and cannot be changed, but the upper thread’s tension can be changed. If you are sewing with the wrong tension it can create problems in your work, such as stitches that are too tight or too loose. You may also need to change the thread tension depending on the weight of the fabric you are sewing.

Turn on your Brother CS-6000i sewing machine using the power switch on the lower right hand side of the machine.

Locate the tension dial. It is the numbered dial right above the LCD display.

Turn the numbered dial to the left, selecting a lower number, in order to reduce the upper thread’s tension, according to the Brother CS-6000i sewing machine manual.

Turn the numbered dial to the right, selecting a higher number, to increase the upper thread’s tension.


Always test-sew a scrap piece of fabric using your desired thread tension before you sew your project. Average thread tension for most fabrics is "4."

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