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How to Work a Singer FM 22 Sewing Machine

The Singer FM 22 advanced the zigzag stitch.
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The Singer FM 22 is a modern sewing machine that has multiple stitches rather than the simple straight stitch and zigzag stitch of its predecessors. This machine also has a table release feature that allows the user to remove a portion of the table, leaving a free arm with which the user can sew sleeves and pant legs. This machine was a forward movement in the conceptual designs of sewing machines and opened the gates for stylistic stitches now found on professional sewing machines.

Things You'll Need:

  • Material
  • Singer Model Fm-22
  • Scissors
  • Thread

Plug the power cord for the Singer FM-22 into the wall power outlet.

Turn the wheel on the right of the machine toward you until the take-up lever on the front is in the highest position. Raise the presser foot releasing the tension discs. Put the thread spool onto the horizontal spool bar and lock the spool in place with the cap. Run the thread through the thread guidepost on the top of the machine, to the guidepost on the front, down through the tension discs, up into the take-up lever and down into the guidepost on the needle shaft. Thread the needle and pull until there is a 2-inch lead.

Press the power switch so the upper portion is pressed in. The 'I' means on and the 'O' means off.

Place material under the presser foot and lower the presser foot setting the tension and holding the fabric in place on top of the feed dog. The feed dog is the metal plate under the needle where the material is feed through the machine.

Lightly step on the foot controller to begin sewing. Go slowly until you are comfortable with the speed of the machine.

Practice changing the stitch type and moving the cloth along with the feed dog.


Study the manual to learn which stitch type is best for each project and different type of material.


  • Unplug the machine when it is not in use.
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