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How to Make an REI Ayanami School Uniform

You can create a REI Ayanami school uniform with only basic sewing skills and materials available at your local craft store. The REI Ayanami uniform consists of a blue pleated jumper skirt with wide straps and buttons at the waistband of the skirt, a white blouse with a wide sailor-type collar and a red tie. Complete the outfit with black knee socks and white shoes. You may even be able to assemble some pieces of your cosplay school uniform by modifying thrift store finds.

Things You'll Need:

  • Pleated Skirt Pattern
  • Black Knee Socks
  • 4 Blue Buttons
  • Sewing Machine And Thread
  • White Fabric
  • Sailor Blouse Pattern
  • Sewing Notions As Needed
  • Small Amount Of Red Fabric
  • Blue Wig
  • Tape Measure
  • White Shoes
  • Blue Fabric

Gather patterns and materials (See Resources). The most cost-effective option is to use commonly available patterns and supplies to keep costs down. Look for a bright blue woven cotton or cotton twill for the jumper and a standard white cotton blend shirting for the REI Ayanami blouse.

Cut all skirt pieces from bright blue fabric. Assemble your skirt according to the pattern instructions. Alternatively, check thrift stores for a blue pleated skirt, and add the jumpers described in the next step.

Measure from the skirt waist in the front, over your shoulder to the skirt waist in the back. Cut two panels approximately 5 inches wide by this measurement. Hem each long side with a narrow hem and stitch into place on your new REI Ayanami uniform skirt. Sew two matching buttons into place at the front of each strap on the skirt waistband.

Cut and sew the white shawl collared blouse according to pattern instructions. Leave off any pockets or other detailing, and size the blouse slightly larger than you typically would. The sleeves should end just above the elbow. Alternatively, buy a thrift store white blouse and make these alterations to it.

Cut a strip of red fabric approximately 3 inches wide by 36 inches long. Stitch right sides together and turn. Tuck in, press and finish the ends. Topstitch if desired. Tie bow around shirt collar.

Wear your new REI Ayunami school uniform with black knee socks and white shoes. A light blue pageboy style wig will complete your cosplay outfit (see Resources). This is a quick and easy option for cosplay and a very wearable one as well.

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