How to Make a Seaweed Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Green dress or T-shirt (any shade)
  • Silk leaves
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Seaweed boa
  • Headband
  • Large feathers
  • Scallop shell

Whether you're an ocean lover, crazy about the color green or just looking for a unique costume, try dressing up as some seaweed this Halloween. It's a fair bet you will not run into anyone else dressed like you,

Purchase a base for the costume by picking out a green t-shirt, dress or other piece of clothing at a thrift shop. A simple article of clothing without other decorations and embellishments will work best.

Buy silk leaves at a craft store or floral shop. While any leaves will successfully cover the dress, long and skinny leaves will look the most like kelp and seaweed.

Stick a small drop of hot glue at the stem of each leaf, then press it onto the dress until the entire dress is covered in a luscious layer of greenery.

Create a headpiece. Glue a fluffy green feather to a green fabric headband or beanie, to look like a seaweed moving with the waves. Glue a scallop shell at the base of the feather for another ocean-inspired decoration.

Complete the costume by wrapping a green seaweed boa around your shoulders.


  • Gluing shells and plastic fish to the costume also help make the costume look more like seaweed.


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