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How to Make a Toga Crown

No toga costume is complete without a laurel wreath crown.
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Togas are a popular costume for fancy dress parties and are a common theme for fraternity gatherings on college campuses. The toga itself is not a difficult costume as it only involves wrapping yourself in a sheet, but to make the costume complete, create a laurel wreath crown. Traditionally these wreaths were made from bay leaves, although any green foliage with small green leaves will be suitable: ivy, myrtle, boxwood, bayberry are choices. Alternatively, artificial vines and branches will work well too.

Things You'll Need:

  • Transparent Tape
  • Scissors
  • Short, Flexible Branches With Small Leaves
  • Red Ribbon
  • Green Tissue Paper
  • Florist'S Wire
  • Plastic-Covered Wire
  • Wire Cutters

Shape a piece of covered wire around your head so it is open at the front. Plastic-covered wire can be the most comfortable to wear. If the wire is too flexible, twist two pieces together. Turn the ends of the wire in to make the structure more secure.

Cut strips of green tissue paper and wrap them around the wire and attach using transparent tape. This will make the wreath appear fuller without the need for extra leaves.

Wrap leafy braches around the wire. Start at the center back and work toward the front on each side, so the leaves point forward. The more leaves on the braches the better the wreath will look. Secure the branches with florist's wire.

Attach extra leaves where the braches are a little bare and the wire and tissue is visible.

Tie a red ribbon to the back of the wreath to complete the Roman emperor look.

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