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Twist Tie Crafts

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Twist ties are just one of the many useful but hardly used objects that you might find in your kitchen junk drawer. Don't toss the bunches of twist ties you have collected from bread bags and packages of garbage bags in the trash. Use all those twist ties for craft projects that you can do with your kids or on your own.

Twist Tie Mobile

Create a mobile with your old twist ties to hang in a baby or young child's room. Bend the twist ties into different shapes. You can twist the ends of two or more twist ties together to use to make bigger shapes if you like. Create shapes such as hearts, starts, circles, squares and triangles. Make the shapes out of a variety of colors of twist ties to add more visual interest to the mobile. Use twist ties to tie two wooden dowels together in a cross. Use fishing line to tie your twist tie shapes to the cross. To hang the mobile from the ceiling, use fishing line and a screw eye.


Use twist ties to create a wreath out of almost any type of small object you want. Depending on what objects, you'll be making your wreath out of, use a hot glue gun or craft glue to attach one end of a twist tie to the small object. Stick the other end of the twist tie into a Styrofoam wreath form. Continue to work in this manner until the entire wreath form is covered and your wreath is full. Use candy, buttons or even feathers to make up your wreath. You can even make a wreath with just twist ties by curling the ends of the ties before sticking the other ends of the ties into the wreath form.

Twist Tie Jewelry

Use up those twist ties that are gathering dust to help a child in your life make her own jewelry. Take a single twist tie and twist it around the child's finger to form a ring. Have the child draw a small picture, measuring about 1 inch or smaller. Cut the picture out and laminate it. Attach the picture to the twist tie ring with a drop of hot glue. Create a chain using several twist ties to form the base for a bracelet or necklace. Add beads onto the twist ties before you make links with them to make the necklace or bracelet more decorative. Draw small pictures, like you would for a ring, and laminate them. Use a small hole punch to punch a hole near the top of each picture. Attach the pictures to your necklace or bracelet with more twist ties.

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