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Armor of God Food Crafts

A suit of armor provides Bible teaching as a food craft project.
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In his letter to the church at Ephesus, Paul exhorts the church to use God’s armor to withstand the assaults of the devil. Represent each piece of armor with one or more items of food for an inspirational, edible table decoration. This project works well for Vacation Bible School snacks as well as more formal events. Involve participants as their age allows.

The Belt

Represent the belt of Truth with a cooked egg noodle, lasagna noodle or other long, flexible pasta. Choose a buckle based on the width of the noodle, using sliced jumbo olives or apple rings, for example.

The Breastplate

Graham crackers attached to a cookie sheet make a reproduction of the Breastplate of Righteousness. Add shoulder straps from string-type candy to complete the image.

The Shield

Create a Shield of Faith with cookies and a flat pan.
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Attach sugar cookies to an inverted round pizza pan with dots of frosting to create the Shield of Faith. Remind the children of the purity of faith represented by the white cookies.

The Helmet

Any domed fruit offers possibilities as the Helmet of Salvation. Cut oranges in half for individual helmets on plates or hollow out a melon for a table-sized display.

The Sword

Use a long vegetable to represent the Sword of the Spirit. A shaped stalk of celery or a carrot becomes a sword with the addition of an orange or lemon slice for a hilt.

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