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How to Make a Larry Boy Costume

VeggieTales Larryboy

Finding a Larryboy costume can be a challenge. You can make your own realistic costume for Halloween or other occasion easier than you think. You will be the neighborhood superhero when all the other kids wonder how you made Larryboy come to life.

VeggieTales Larryboy

Things You'll Need:

  • Yellow Sweatshirt
  • Silver Gel Pen Or Marker
  • White Polo Shirt
  • Duct Tape
  • Purple Sweatpants
  • Yellow Gloves
  • Green, Black And White Face Paint
  • Poster Board
  • Black Belt
  • Larryboy Plush Hat

Purchase a Larryboy Superhero plush hat from BigIdea Productions (See References 1). The hat is designed to fit children. You may be able to find the hat on eBay for a cheaper price.

Dress the child by placing the white polo shirt on first, followed by the yellow sweatshirt. Make sure the collar of the polo shirt sits over top of the sweatshirt. Then have the child put on the purple sweatpants. Tuck the sweatshirt in and place a black belt around the child's waist.

Create a Larryboy emblem for the belt by cutting a circle out of poster board. Color one half of the circle yellow and leave the other side white. Use a silver gel pen or marker to write an "L" on the yellow side of the circle, and the letter "B" on the plain side. Tape to the belt.

Paint the child's face using green face paint to cover the nose down to the neck. Use black face paint for the lips and white face paint to add Larryboy's big front tooth.

Place the hat on the child's head and the yellow gloves on his hands. Finish the costume with a pair of comfortable shoes.


Order the plush hat at least two to four weeks in advance to be sure it arrives in time for Halloween (or other event). Purple shoes would go great with this costume but black would be the next best color to wear.


  • Do not substitute face paint with other types of paint. Face paints are nontoxic and should not cause skin irritation; other paints may burn or cause a rash.
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