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How to Make a Costume for Asterix & Obelisk

Have a pair of scissors and needle and cotton at hand to make your costumes.
scissors, needle and thread image by Vjom from Fotolia.com

You can make character costumes for the old comic strip characters of Asterix and Obelix. Just note down what each character is wearing and improvise by turning everyday garments into fun costumes. All that is needed is to make belts and Norseman helmets to enhance the costumes. The key is to pay close attention to detail and to try to make the costumes look authentic with the materials you have decided to use.

Have a pair of scissors and needle and cotton at hand to make your costumes.
scissors, needle and thread image by Vjom from Fotolia.com

Things You'll Need:

  • Scissors
  • Paint Brush
  • Pva Glue
  • Pencil
  • Balloons
  • Wide Satin Ribbon
  • Red Dye
  • White Paint
  • Elastic
  • Black Dye
  • Silver Paint Or Silver Foil
  • Red And Yellow Felt
  • Compass Or Jar Lid
  • Picture Of Asterix And Obelix
  • Wooden Curtain Ring
  • Tape Measure
  • Metal Fastenings
  • Blue And White Striped Pyjamas Bottoms
  • Padding Foam
  • White Long-Johns Or Red Leggings
  • Needle
  • Cotton Thread
  • Yellow Wool Or Feathers
  • Black Ribbon Or Black Card
  • Green Leather Belt Or Green Felt
  • Plain Pyjamas Bottoms
  • Optional
  • Black Sleeveless Vest
  • Red Slippers Or Other Slippers
  • Cardboard
  • White Sleeveless Vest
  • Red Wool
  • Newspaper

Making Asterix's Costume

Find a colored picture of the cartoon characters of Asterix and Obelix .

Buy or use a black sleeveless vest for Asterix’s top. Dye a white sleeveless vest black, if necessary.

Dye red a pair of men's long-johns for Asterix's tight leggings. (Use red jeans or red leggings as an alternative.)

Wear a big pair of red slippers.

If red slippers are not available, cover a pair of slippers with red and yellow felt. Glue the felt on the slippers or hand-sew with a needle and thread.

Measure the stomach of the person who will be wearing the Asterix costume with a tape measure for Asterix's belt. Buy a wide green leather belt to customise the costume, preferably. Use green felt as an easy alternative. Cut a long wide strip of felt for the belt. Attach front fastenings to the belt ends to fasten at the front.

Make three yellow round discs to customise the front of the green belt. Use a compass or draw around a jar top to draw a circle on cardboard. Cut the cardboard disc with sharp scissors. Repeat to create two smaller discs of the same size. Cover the cardboard discs with yellow felt gold paper or foil. Glue the yellow or gold discs to the front of the belt with the biggest disc in the center.

Create a paper-mache skullcap to make Asterix's helmet. (Make two.)Tear newspaper in to inch squares, dip into PVA glue or wallpaper paste and place onto the crown of a blown up balloon. Leave to dry for a few hours. Burst the balloon when dry and remove. Paint skullcap grey or silver; or cover with silver foil.

Cut out a pair of birds wings out of cardboard. Paint white or cover in white felt. Glue the wings to the skullcap. Attach a piece of fine elastic to the skullcap to attach to the head.

Cut a mustache shape out of yellow felt. Stick on yellow wool strands or feathers to create a bushy Asterix mustache.

Making Obelix 's Costume

Use an over-sized pair of blue and white striped pyjamas bottoms, if possible, for Obelix ’s pantaloons. Use plain blue or white as an alternative, and trim with white or blue satin stripes. Cut strips of wide ribbon, pin each strip in place on the pyjamas bottoms and hand sew. (Glue for quickness.) Create a fat stomach and bottom by lining the pyjamas with soft foam.

Wear brown slippers or brown shoes.

Measure the waist of the person wearing Obelix 's belt. Cut a wide strip of green felt and cut in half. Find a round wooden ring, slightly wider than the belt width. (A curtain rail ring would be suitable.) Or make a paper mache ring. Cover the ring with yellow felt. Attach the front yellow ring to either side of the green felt belt by sewing the pieces together. Sew metal fastenings to the joining belt ends, so the belt will fasten at the back. To customise, sew on little yellow felt discs.

Paint the paper-mache skullcap you made earlier silver or cover it in silver foil. Make two pigtails out of red wool. Tie a black ribbon bow; or cut out black bows out of card and glue to the tail end of each pigtail. Glue the pigtails to the underside of the skullcap. Attach elastic to either side of the skullcap.

Use red felt or red wool to make Obelix’s mustache.


Look around charity shops to find items of appropriate clothing to make your costumes.

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