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Homemade Twister Halloween Costumes

Use construction paper in primary colors to make spots for a cardboard Twister costume.
John Clines/iStock/Getty Images

The Hasbro game Twister has been tying players in knots since the 1960s. The game's colorful playing mat inspires the three DIY Halloween costumes described here. Choose the style that best suits your skill level and the wearer's needs. Plastic costumes and pieces that tie around the neck can pose safety risks to young children.

Make It From Plastic

To make a Twister costume that looks like it came right out of the box, start with a white plastic tablecloth. Trim the tablecloth to the desired size and cut circles from sheets of adhesive-backed vinyl: six each of red, blue, yellow and green. Arrange the circles on the tablecloth in four columns of six circles, with each column as one color only (no mixing). Leave some white space bordering the top and bottom. Use a red permanent marker to write "Twister" on the top and bottom borders of the mat. Cut a horizontal slit in the center of the mat so you can slip the Twister costume over your head. Wearing your spinner (see instructions below), you are now a self-contained Twister game on the move.

Make It From Paper

Use poster board and construction paper to make a Twister costume that's easy and inexpensive. Cut six circles from red, blue, yellow and green construction paper and arrange them on two sheets of poster board. Make four columns across the top of the poster board with three circles in each column, leaving a border at the bottom. Glue the circles to the posters and write "Twister" with red permanent marker along the bottom edge. To make the shoulder straps, cut two long pieces of white ribbon. Punch two holes at the top of each poster where you want the straps to go, and then thread a piece of ribbon through each pair of corresponding holes. Slip the boards over your head, adjust the ribbons and knot them securely.

Decorate a Sweatsuit

If you want your Twister costume to be warm, comfortable and kid-friendly, decorate a white sweatshirt and sweatpants with colorful felt spots. First use red fabric paint to write "Twister" down the outside of the sweatshirt sleeves and the pant legs. While the paint dries, cut circles from red, blue, yellow and green craft felt. If the costume is for an adult, make large circles; scale the size down for a child's costume. When the paint is dry, pin the circles in columns on the sweatshirt and sweatpants. Baste the circles in place with matching thread or, if sewing isn't your thing, attach the circles with fabric glue.

Add a Spinner

You can't play Twister without a spinner. Create one from cardboard and markers to accessorize any Twister costume. Use black marker to draw a 1-inch-wide ring on a square piece of white poster board, and then mark the ring into 16 equal segments. Color the segments sequentially red, green, yellow and blue, repeating the hues in that order so that one segment of each color ends up in the "spinning territory" of each corner of the square card. Use black marker to label the 4 corners of the card "left foot," "right hand," "right foot" and "left hand." Cut an arrow shape from black cardboard and attach it to center of the spinner with a brass fastener. If you want to wear the spinner around your neck, knot some yarn and string it through the card to make an impromptu necklace. If the costume is for a child, fasten the spinner to the front of his or her Halloween treat bag.

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