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How to Make an Oscar the Grouch Costume

How to Make an Oscar the Grouch Costume. Oscar the Grouch is one of the most well-known Sesame Street characters, and thus a popular costume idea for people of all ages. Creating an Oscar costume includes two major parts. First is designing the part of the actual Muppet creature. Then there's the most important accessory--Oscar's trash can.

The Grouch Costume

Get a large amount of green hairy fabric for the main costume. Check with a fabric or costume store to find this material.

Make a long sleeved top and pants out of the green fabric. You may need an experienced sewer to do this.

Use green gloves and socks to complete the main body. You can also paint your hands green instead of the gloves.

Make the head out of the remaining green fabric. Make it similar to a ski mask, having it wrap around your head. Leave enough of an opening for your face.

Make the character eyes with foam balls and brown felt. Draw the pupils on the balls with black ink and glue them on the head. Attach the brown felt eyebrows in a frowning position--after all, Oscar's always grouchy.

Trash Can

Take a large metal trash can and cut the bottom out. Or wrap a large cardboard strip into a cylinder and cover it with foil for a makeshift can.

Cut holes near the rim and run shoulder straps through them. Use leather or a material strong enough to hold the can up on your shoulders. Painting the straps green will help it blend with the costume.

Take the trash can lid, or make one with the same cardboard and foil, and place it on the costume so it will stay put. Fasten it with a hinge to the back of the can, or glue it to the top of the head.

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