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Daisy Head Mayzie Costume Ideas

Wear a daisy on your head for a Mayzie costume.
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"Daisy-Head Mayzie" is a Dr. Seuss book about a little girl named Mayzie McGrew. She was a normal little girl until, one day at school, a daisy sprouted from her head, amazing everyone. Daisy-Head Mayzie has blonde hair, wears a pink dress and features a bright yellow daisy coming out of the top of her head. Mayzie costumes should feature her daisy, pink clothes and yellow hair.


Buy a thick, sturdy headband that is yellow in color, as well as one long-stemmed artificial yellow daisy. Fold the bottom part of the stem around the headband and secure it with a hot glue gun.


In the story, Mayzie features shoulder-length, blonde hair with bangs. To replicate this look, purchase a blonde wig and cut it to the length of Mayzie’s hair. The fuller the hair is, the better able it will be to hide the headband, making it appear as though the flower is sprouting magically from the top of your head.


Mayzie wears a pink, knee-length dress with short sleeves and buttons in the front. Find a pink dress in the right size and roll up the sleeves if needed. Buttons can easily be added to the front; for a no-sew option, secure the buttons with a hot glue gun. Fasten a light-pink belt around the dress's waist and you're almost ready.


Finish your costume with a pair of pink, Mary Jane shoes and white tights. If pink shoes are not available, buy a light-colored fabric shoe and pink fabric dye. Follow the instructions on the dye's packaging to color the shoes bright pink to match the dress.

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