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How to Sew a Skull Cap

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Skull caps are a great way to keep your head warm while also making a bold fashion statement. Skull caps can be sewn in a couple different ways, but they are always the same basic shape and always fit close to the head. While you can spend quite a bit of money to buy a skull cap, it's much less expensive to make one. With basic sewing skills and a few common sewing supplies, almost anybody can make their own skull cap.

Cut out two semi-circular pieces of fabric that are each 5 inches tall in the middle and 9 inches wide at the bottom. These will be the side pieces of the skull cap.

Cut out a rectangle of fabric that is 5 inches wide and 18 inches long. This will form the top of the skull cap.

Sew the curved edge of one of the semi-circular pieces onto one of the long sides of the rectangle. Sew the other semi-circular piece onto the other long side of the rectangle in the same manner. You should now have a rough looking cap shape.

Cut a piece of fabric that is 4 inches wide and 24 inches long. Fold this fabric piece in half -- right sides of the fabric together -- bringing the two longer edges together.

Sew the two longer sides together, leaving the shorter sides open. Turn the fabric right side out and sew the shorter edges closed. This will form the bottom of the hat and the back ties.

Line up the center of the tie band with the front center of the hat. Sew the tie piece all around the base of the hat, leaving a 4-inch unsewn gap in the back center. Allow the two ends to drape down the back of the hat. These will be tied together to secure the cap on the head. Finish the unsewn gap by folding the edge 1/4 inch under the cap and stitching it shut.

Things You'll Need:

  • Cotton fabric
  • Fabric scissors
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine


Measure the wearer's head with a tape measure and adjust the sizes of the fabric accordingly to make the cap bigger or smaller.

If made from a stretchy knit fabric, you do not need to make a bottom tie for the skull cap. Simply hem the bottom.

To make a skull cap without a tie in the back, make the bottom piece 18 inches long.

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