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How to Make a Simple Swiss Costume for a Girl

Make a Swiss costume for a girl out of a black vest, green skirt and white knee socks. Swiss girl costumes consist of short skirts, long socks, cute tied vests and pigtails or braided hair. Often store-bought Swiss girl costumes for girls are made to accentuate cleavage, which is not suitable for a young girl. You can make your own Swiss girl costume out of clothing you have at home for a more age-appropriate costume.

Things You'll Need:

  • Black Vest
  • Sewing Machine
  • White Knee Socks
  • Green Skirt
  • 2 Pieces White Ribbon, 1/2 Inch
  • White Blouse
  • Pins
  • White Trim Lace
  • Fabric Shears
  • Short Waist White Apron
  • Black Dress Shoes
  • 2 Hair Ties
  • Fabric Pencil

Place the black vest on your workspace. Measure 1 inch from the neckline of the vest out towards the arm. Draw a line with a fabric pencil, 1 inch out from the inside or neckline of the vest along the outside arm area, stopping directly at the armpit area. Cut on the line with a pair of fabric shears.

Draw parallel dots along the edges of the front flaps, spaced at 1 inch intervals, starting at the top near the neckline and ending down near the beltline of the vest. Cut out holes on the dots to make pairs of corresponding holes on both ends of the vest front flaps.

Pin white lace trim to the edge of the green skirt. Sew the lace on with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Put on the white blouse and green skirt. Tuck in the white blouse, and put on the black vest over the blouse. Hold the vest front flaps together. Lace a black ribbon through the holes on the vest, starting at the bottom pair of holes and going up to the top. Tie the ribbon in a bow.

Put on the white knees socks and black shoes. Tie the short waist apron around her waist.

Fashion her hair into pigtails, or twin braids and tie small pieces of white ribbon over the hair ties.

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