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How to Make a CSI Costume

Becoming a CSI, or Crime Scene Investigator, for Halloween can be fun for kids and adults. The costume is simple to make and the tools a CSI uses to solve crimes are easy to find and add as accessories and props for the costume.

Things You'll Need:

  • Black Iron-On Letters (C.S.I.), Preferably 4 Inches High
  • Fishing Vest (Black)
  • Safety Pins (4)
  • Csi Accessories: Magnifying Glass, Pen Light, Flashlight, Badge, Etc.
  • White Fabric Strip (5 Inches By 12 Inches)
  • Jeans
  • Small Suitcase
  • T-Shirt
  • Iron

Dress in jeans and a T-shirt. These are the common clothing items that crime scene investigators wear because they are durable, everyday clothing. A CSI can move freely about the scene they are investigating without the clothing being cumbersome or heavy.

Lay out the white fabric strip that is 5 inches wide by 12 inches long on a towel or ironing board. Place the iron-on letters of capital C, S and I on the white fabric strip. Heat up the iron according to normal ironing directions. Iron the black letters onto the white fabric strip.

Place the white fabric strip with the CSI letters on the back of the black fishing vest. A fishing vest is much like a CSI's vest because it has numerous pockets that can hold the tools that a CSI carries at all times. Affix the safety pins to each corner of the white fabric strip to secure it to the back of the fishing vest. Safety pins are easy to remove and will not damage the fishing vest.

Load up the vest pockets of the fishing vest with CSI accessories. Mini flashlights, pen lights, note pads, pens, small dust brushes, magnifying glasses and mini plastic baggies are all carried in the vest pockets of a CSI. Latex gloves are another item that CSI's carry so that their fingerprints do not get on the objects, hairs and other items they collect as evidence.

Slip on the vest over the T-shirt. The CSI identification will be clear on the back, designating the authority of the person wearing the costume. A CSI costume for Halloween can be enhanced by adding a small suitcase as a prop. Either some of the items of the CSI trade can be put into the suitcase or the suitcase can be used to collect candy.


  • Remember to shut the iron off and wait until it cools before putting it away.
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