Homemade Trench Coat Costumes

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Some Halloween costumes require a lot of preparation and time to create. But for a quick and easy costume, consider using something already in your closet. A trench coat is the main element for a variety of costumes. Simply use different accessories to create different costumes using the same trench coat.

Private Eye

Use a trench coat to create a private investigator's costume. Wear a trench coat along with a black or dark colored shirt and pants. Carry a magnifying glass and a small tablet and pen to write down clues. Wear mirrored or black sunglasses and a fake mustache along with a dark colored fedora hat to complete a private investigator's costume. Ask party guests questions such as "Where we you the night of the 15th?"

Sidewalk Peddler

A trench coat is the perfect base for a sidewalk peddler or conman costume. Buy costume jewelry or watches at a party supply or dollar store. Sew the jewelry and watches to the inside of trench coat. Wear dark clothing underneath the coat and wear a lot of gold jewelry. Wear a lot of watches up your arm and wear dark sunglasses. Whisper and tell party guests and friends that you can make them a good deal on some watches.


Create a superhero costume out of a trench coat. Wear a T-shirt and sweat pants. Cut a superhero logo out of felt and sew or glue it to the front of the T-shirt. Attach of piece of fabric to the back of the T-shirt to serve as a cape. Wear a trench coat and at an opportune time, take off the trench coat and pretend to save someone or intervene in a situation such as helping a party hostess carry out food.

Other Homemade Trench Coat Costumes

Another costume idea is a business man. Dress in a business suit, wear a trench coat and carry a briefcase and cell phone. Also consider dressing as a weatherman for Halloween. Wear a trench style raincoat, with shorts and T-shirt underneath. Wear sunglasses and a stocking cap to be prepared for any type of weather.


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