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How to Make a Child's Shepherd Costume

Make a simple shepherd costume inexpensively.
joseph image by Jacques Ribieff from Fotolia.com

Making a homemade shepherd costume for Halloween or a Christmas play is easy. Gather a few supplies that you have lying around the house to create a shepherd costume your child will love. You can put together the costume in no time at all because there is no sewing, gluing or stitching involved.

Things You'll Need:

  • Scissors
  • Sandals
  • Pillowcase
  • Elastic Headband
  • Robe
  • Plain Cotton Nightgown
  • Cane Or Long Stick

Find a plain cotton nightgown in a neutral color that is ankle-length on your child. A long sleeve nightgown will look more authentic and help keep your child warm.

Use a neutral colored or black robe to cover the nightgown. Try to use a short sleeve robe or cut the sleeves off of a long sleeve robe to recreate the look of a shepherd. Tie the robe loosely around the waist or leave it open.

Cut a pillowcase in half lengthwise to use as a headpiece for the shepherd costume. Use the elastic headband to keep the pillowcase in place on your child's head.

Use flat sandals for shoes. Leather sandals with straps will closely resemble a shepherd's footwear. However, any sandals will do if you are creating the costume on a budget.

Find an old cane to finish of the costume to use as a staff. If you do not have a cane, you can also use a long stick.

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