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How to Create a Rizzo Costume

Rizzo is a classic character. She is the leader of the Pink Ladies, Rydell High's premiere group of girls. Although she is a bit of a nemesis to Sandy, the two end up on the same side. Here is how you can create yor own costume of lovable Rizzo!

Watch the movie several times. The 1978 classic that stars Olivia Newton-John is an indescribably wonderful musical, and it is beloved by millions. Watching it is sure to provide character inspiration.

Sing Rizzo's songs as you prepare your costume. "There are Worse Things I Can Do" is a fun ballad, and it will make your family smile as you get ready.

Put on a short brunette wig. Keep it classic and simple.

Put on a form fitting shirt. Rizzo likes to show her body, but she doesn't really wear low-cut things.

Wear a tight feeling skirt as well. It should be in the style of 1955, but it should be form fitting as well.

Wear cute, simple flat shoes.

Put on a Pink Ladies Jacket with the name Rizzo embroidered on the front of jacket. This completes your cute Rizzo look!


Add whatever touches are important to you in creating a Rizzo costume. Your imagination is your only limit.

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