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How to Make an Acrobat Costume

Choose lycra clothing in bright colors.
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If you need an acrobat costume for a costume party or a school or theater production, you may already have the items you need in a closet, especially if you like to dance or perform gymnastics. Acrobats wear tight-fitting lycra or spandex clothing to display the shapes their bodies make to the best advantage as they perform their acrobatic moves.

Things You'll Need:

  • Lycra Tights Or Leggings
  • Sequins
  • Balls, Hoops, Ribbon Wands
  • Ballet Pumps
  • Bright Theatrical Makeup
  • Gold Braid
  • Long, Colorful Ribbons
  • Short Lycra Or Tulle Skirt
  • Medal On A Ribbon
  • Fabric Glue
  • Lycra Leotard

Wear a tight lycra leotard and tights or leggings in a matching or contrasting color as a base for your costume.

Glue sequins or gold braid to your costume with fabric glue to add sparkle for a circus acrobat costume.

For girls, add a short lycra or tulle skirt in a coordinating color. Go barefoot or wear ballet pumps.

Tie long, colorful ribbons to your wrists. Tie long hair back away from your face in a ponytail. Tie matching ribbons around your ponytail, leaving them hanging down in long strands. If your hair is short, attach them to a tight-fitting headband.

Apply bright, theatrical makeup or face paint quite heavily, as it would be applied for a stage performance. Concentrate on colorful eyeshadow and lip color.

Carry balls, hoops and ribbon wands as accessories.


Wear a medal on a ribbon around your neck to look like a prize-winning acrobat or Olympic gymnast.

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