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How to Crochet Pig Tails

Fashionable teens and fun-loving kids like colorful winter hats with curly pig tail additions on the ties. These tails can add a fun fake ponytail look to the top of a hat or simply hang down as an amusing addition to the back. This specialized crochet trick turns ordinary single crochet into a spiral shape reminiscent of the tail of a pig. If you can chain stitch and do single crochet, you can successfully create this project.

Things You'll Need:

  • Worsted Weight Yarn
  • Size H Crochet Hook

Make a loop at the end of the strand of yarn and insert the hook into the loop. Make a row of chain stitches until the chain is about five times as long as your desired curly pig tail spiral.

Turn the work and make a single crochet stitch in the second chain from the hook. Make two more single crochet stitches in the same chain.

Make three single crochet stitches in the next chain in the row. Continue crocheting in this manner, making three single crochet stitches in each chain, until you reach the end of the chain. The work will curl up on itself, creating a spiral as you progress.


Make the pig tail fluffier or thinner by using a thinner or thicker yarn and smaller or larger hook.

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