How to Make a Moses Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Long robe
  • Long-haired wig (optional)
  • 2 medium-sized bath towels
  • Cloth belt or felt headband
  • Poster board
  • Scissors
  • Hole puncher
  • White liquid glue
  • 100 cotton balls
  • String
  • 11-by-9-inch cardboard or foam board
  • Gray spray paint
  • Bible
  • Black wide-tip permanent marker
  • Open-toe flat sandals
  • Walking cane or stick

Whether it's for a Halloween costume or a wardrobe for a theatrical performance, make a Moses costume at home for a custom look. Repurpose items from your closet for an inexpensive alternative to a store-bought costume. Complete your ensemble with props you can make from items in your crafting kit. Add stage makeup to give the appearance of age, and your Moses character will be ready for the big reveal.

Use a long bathrobe that has wide, long sleeves for the base piece of the Moses costume. Choose a robe that features shades of brown, blue or gray, solid colors or stripes and made from threadbare material rather than a plush terrycloth. Stay away from robes with bold colors, cartoon characters or modern patterns.

Comb your hair, and leave it hanging long and straight, or put on a long-haired wig. Open one bath towel, and grasp the towel on one side from the middle section. Bring the side of the towel up to the forehead. Wrap it around your head so the rest of the towel is hanging behind the head and the sides of the towel are draped down the sides of the body. Tie the cloth belt around the head, or slide the felt headband over the head to hold the towel in place.

Draw a 6-by-13-by-13-inch triangle on the poster board to begin making the beard. Cut out with scissors. Punch a hole on each corner of the short side of the triangle. Spread glue over one side of the triangle. Pull open cotton balls to make them fluffy, and glue them to the triangle. Insert the piece of string through the holes. Tie around your face below your nose, and place the string above your ears to hold the beard in place.

Trace a shape that resembles a tombstone with a rounded top and a rectangular base on the cardboard or foam board. Cut out the shape, and spray paint the tombstone gray. Write the Ten Commandments found in the Bible using black marker.

Slide on the sandals. Fold the other towel lengthwise twice, and lay it across one shoulder. Carry a walking cane or walking stick to serve as Moses’ shepherd’s crook. Hold the faux stone Ten Commandments to complete the Moses ensemble.


  • Add textured spray paint to the tombstone for an even more authentic look.

    The Ten Commandments are listed in the Old Testament's Book of Exodus, chapter 20.


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