How to Make a Towelie Costume

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A lovable character featured on Comedy Central's South Park, Towelie makes appearances throughout several seasons of the series. Knowing how to make a Towelie costume will get a good laugh at your next costume party. It also shows your creative side and love of cartoons and popular culture. For adults who like to participate in costume-festivities, a Towelie costume is sure to bring you a lot of attention whether it's Halloween or you're attending a Southpark fan party.

Things You'll Need

  • Large bath towel
  • Fabric glue
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • White felt roll
  • Black felt roll
  • 20-inch silk rope
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Spread a large bath towel in front of you vertically. Towlie is a sky-blue towel with white stripes at the top and bottom. Choose 60-inch long by 3-feet wide bath towel.

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Look at a picture of Towlie for inspiration and draw his eyes on a large piece of white felt measuring 12-by-12 inches. Make his eyes about 8 inches tall by 11 inches wide. Cut out the outline of his eyes.

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Cut out a right triangle shape from the black felt sheet. Make the triangle 6 inches on each side. Cut out two small circles from the black felt as well, 2 inches in diameter each.

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Cut out four square pieces of white felt measuring 2-by-2 inches each.

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Squeeze a line of glue along the outline of the white felt eye shape. Adhere the glued side of the eye shape to the center of the towel about 12 inches from the top end. Glue a black circle of felt to the bottom center of each eye area. This creates Towelie's pupils.

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Glue the right triangle, with the point facing downward, about 4 inches directly beneath the eyes. Apply the four white squares in a row across the top inside edge of the black triangle. This creates his teeth and smile. Let the towel dry for an hour.

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Turn the towel over and apply a 1-inch wide dot of glue at each corner of the top of the towel. Apply one end of the silk rope to each dot and hold them in place firmly for one minute. Let the towel dry for an additional hour.


  • Use a red marker to make bloodshot lines around Towlie's pupils. Drape the rope around the back of your neck like a halter. This hangs the costume easily in front of you. This is a comfortable way to wear your Towlie costume without committing to a large, heavy, hot foam costume.


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