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What Do You Need to Make a Hollywood Undead Mask?

The hard rock band Hollywood Undead rose to popularity with the hit songs “Everywhere I Go” and “Undead” in 2008. In addition to its songs, fans also know the band because of the masks that each member wears. The masks are worn for TV appearances, in videos and even in concerts with some fans never seeing the members without a mask. Making your own mask involves the right products and tools of the trade.

The Mask

Each member of Hollywood Undead wears a different type of mask that resembles the classic drama and tragedy masks. Purchase the same basic masks from a costume store or craft store. Choose the basic mask without any type of adornment or decoration because you paint the mask yourself. You also have the option of making the mask yourself from plaster of paris. Cover your face with petroleum jelly and keep two straws in your nose, providing air holes for breathing. Ask a friend to dip the paper strips in the plaster mixture and arrange on your face. Once the mixture dries, peel the mask away.

Face Coverings

While the members of Hollywood Undead wear different types of masks, two members also wear face coverings. One uses an Oakland Raiders-branded face mask that slips over his face and hangs down his neck. Another member wears a black and white printed bandana tied around the lower portion of his face. The mask covers his nose and mouth, while the mask underneath covers his eyes and forehead. Pick similar face coverings for masks of that type.

Decorating the Mask

Paint the mask with different colors that resemble the masks worn by members of the band. The lead singer wears a pale blue mask with a strip of white running down the left check and under the chin. The right side of the mask features a decorative swipe of black. Another member wears the basic face mask covered with a layer of metallic gold paint. Paint red and black around the eyes and glue a dollar bill across the mouth for yet another band mask.

Add Texture

Each mask worn by a member of Hollywood Undead features some type of texture. Create your own texture from a utility knife run through the mask. Carve exaggerated lines on the forehead and around the eyes for a realistic looking mask. One member wears a mask with a twisted smile. Achieve the same look by painting the mouth and twisted smile on the mask with black paint.

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